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Children have many exciting and fun opportunities here at Messiah not only to learn, but also to help others and make life long friends. A fun and exciting Children’s Choir starts off Sunday School with joyful songs of praise and worship often incorporating instruments and hand movements. Children will regularly perform the songs they learn for the entire congregation during services.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who teach each Sunday’s lessons. Sunday School for the elementary aged children is based on a lectionary text which means the lessons they hear and learn about in church are reinforced during Sunday School. Most Sundays there is a craft to go along with the lesson. The teachers try to find entertaining and engaging crafts that are not only fun to make, but will be keepsakes that remind them of the lessons they have learned.

Messiah also offers Sunday School for the Jr. High/High School preteens and teens. Their classes focus on teaching scripture in a manner they can understand and apply to their lives and their struggles. The dedicated teachers of this group work to make the scripture understandable and very much a part of their every day lives. Everyone knows there are harmful influences all around our Youth today. Our goal is to provide a positive influence. They learn that they face the same challenges and struggles as many of the people in the Bible. We teach them how to turn to God and to each other to make good choices and also how their choices can positively impact not only themselves, but other people as well.

Throughout the year activities such as Movie Night and Game Night are held at the church where the children can come together for fellowship and to strengthen their relationships. Additionally, opportunities to volunteer are organized for the children. We do collections for the Humane Shelter, we help with packing Thanksgiving dinners for needy families, and a variety of new ventures each year. We believe that it is important to teach the children the importance of charity and compassion for others at a young age. We encourage the children to give us suggestions of how they would like to help the community and we do our best to bring those ideas into fruition.

Annually there is a Christmas Play, and the children are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Dressing up to portray the Christmas story helps to connect the children with the Bible in a fun and exciting way. They will want to know more about the person they are portraying and their role in our dear Savior’s birth. At other times during the year we endeavor to facilitate the creative skills of our youth and incorporate them into our Sunday worship. We have plays, skits, singing and instrumental performances.

If you want to take part in a vibrant and growing youth program, Messiah is the church for you. Come and see for yourselves the wonderful things our youth program has to offer…All are Welcome!